choir intersect

what is a choir intersect?

Patch Theatre’s production of The Moon’s a Balloon is designed to include a community choir in overture and finale of the performance, giving the show a special touch.

This intersect is suitable for well-rehearsed, experienced choirs willing to be challenged. The choral arrangements are configured to accommodate the age and abilities of each choir.

To prepare for the event, the choir-leader from the community is linked with Christie Anderson and a choir from Young Adelaide Voices for training, briefings and support.

Then,  armed with the resources (score, audio-recording, video resources) the choir-leader works to prepare and rehearse their choir over the weeks or months leading up to the performance season of the show.

The choir is scheduled for final rehearsals with a representative from Young Adelaide Voices, who will be present to co-incide with the arrival of the the touring company.

The performance context of the choir’s involvement is provided by the next video.

Note: the choir is seated in the auditorium for the duration of the performance and sings from their seats under the direction of their conductor.

There are three sections for the choir to prepare:

  • an overture – which introduces the choir
  • the forest – a lead into the finale
  •  the finale


Below are the full arrangements for the “the forest” and “the finale”.  These arrangements will be configured to accommodate the age and abilities of each choir.